A Powerful Content Management Software for Enterprises

With CMS Fiona, you can quickly implement international, multi-language and multi-site projects that integrate data, applications and processes.

Enterprise CMS features

  • On-premise CMS
  • Low maintenance
  • Extendable & flexible
  • Powered by ReactJS
  • Collaborative editing
  • Customizable permissions
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Easy, intuitive interface
Laptop showing enterprise CMS Fiona drag-and-drop, wysiwyg user interface

Enterprise CMS benefits

Wallet symbol representing money savings

Reduces costs

Integrate and automate processes

Drawing of a rocket representing speed-up of projects

Speeds up projects

Build websites with widgets and workspaces 

Drawing of a watch representing time savings

   Saves time

Effectively reduce website operating tasks

Drawing of a safe representing security

Improves security

High standards for data privacy and data security

Drawing of a UI representing flexibility

Enables flexibility

Connect to other systems using rich APIs

Our solutions Higher Education / Research Finance and Insurance Government Administration & Public Sector Other industries

What clients say "After extensive tests we decided to use CMS Fiona.  It perfectly meets all requirements for our website." "CMS Fiona easily and strongly supports our international, remote content management." "CMS Fiona is ideal for us to manage information in one place and reuse it in different media."

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